Traditional door access control systems via IP-based system

Traditional door access control systems use a number of protocols to communicate with each other, such as the Wiegand, RS-232, and RS-485. But with IP-based Access Control Systems, all the communications from the Access Control Server to the Access Control Reader-Controller happen over the Internet Protocol (IP). So, instead of multiple cables, only a Category 5e or Category 6 cable (as used in your LAN), goes to each door. We recommend installing a Category 6 cable as it has better electricals for handling power. IP Systems readers and controllers use different protocols and cables to communicate with the relays, automatic IP door locks, and so on.

With an IP-based system, Readers, Controllers & Control Panels are mostly integrated into a single box. For small installations of one or two doors, an IP Reader can be installed as a stand-alone device, as they can come with embedded software to manage and store a person’s credentials.

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